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This is a list of some of the games i've done lately.

At time of writing all games are free to play and are written in java.

Save the world from alien invasion in this fast-paced shooter.
Grow into a the mightiest sea creature of them all.
Bring Bacon to DIKU to satisfy the students.
Fight slime-creatures as a small Robot in this WIP game.
Danish touch-typing game. Bachelor Project made with my friend Juri Rosenkilde.
Danish sudoku game. First year project made with my friends Juri Rosenkilde, Kim Mogensen and Martin Ewon.
Ride the wind to reach the castle in the sky. My first DADIU production.
Solve puzzles through timetravel. My second DADIU production.
Simple Tower Defense game for Roskilde Festival 2011 contest. Won second place.
Advanced Vertical Shooter. Work in progress. Current status: On hold.
Battle your friends in shared keyboard combat with Weapons of War.