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Time to shout?


Hey there stranger.
You must be of the curious nature to find this page?
Let me try to repay that by telling the tale of


The story begins with me, an independent game developer making games in his sparetime between school and whatnot.
My real name is Rune Holm, but i like so many others have come to enjoy the anonymity and uniqueness of a made up name.
In my case that name is Scarzzurs.

So before i even started to make games i decided to get myself a website for my game modifications.
Since i already had a artist name and live in Denmark, the choice of domain name fell on

This was ( perhaps obviously ) a very bad choice. Non-danish people was afraid of visiting website of the .dk TLD.
I wanted to start fresh on a new website, so i came up with a new:

The Games

All games on this website are made by me in my spare time.
They are all free to play, but please refrain from altering the games in any way without my permission.

Some of the games use third party resources but the authors have given permission to use their work. All should have their work credited appropiately.